Maternity shopping made easy

Becoming a mom was THE best moment in my life. Watching your belly grow, feeling that little life inside of you, and then finally getting to hold your sweet miracle is simply magical.

Maternity shopping on the other hand, not so magical. While maternity shopping I learned something very important and something that I think will help you too. DON'T SHOP MATERNITY! Regardless of what young starlets tell you, you will NOT shrink back to your original size overnight after having your little one. You will need the items you purchased during pregnancy longer than you might expect. Simply purchase one or 2 pairs of maternity jeans and then shop the brands of tops and dresses you already love in a size larger.

To make matters that much more simple, we have put together a collection of tops, dresses and even a pair of pants to help you get your "maternity" wardrobe in order. Just click on the items that you like, and have them shipped straight to you! 

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