Chalk Paint Tutorial

Y'all! This project is SUPER Easy and so FAST! I have been begging Jason for a new full length mirror for way to long now, but our problem was everything I wanted was too big for the space  allocated for said mirror. So, I finally got the brilliant idea to just make the one I had into what I wanted. DUH Mia! Heres what I did:
I grabbed an old mirror that I've had since college (we won't say how long that was) and added some chalk paint. Now, you can do this with WHATEVER mirror you choose! Chalk paint it that awesome. Just tape the mirror so you don't add extra work, and start painting.
I used some paint we already had from Home Depot. But, I'm sure there are plenty of paint options to choose from. CHALK PAINT is your goal. You can also add a clear coat if you are worried about aging. 
Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Make it yours and own it.

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