Family Favorites

Sweet Honey Clothing

If you have children, this is one of my favorite stops. Their setup is boutique style, so when they run out, that is it! I love this because you don't see the same outfit everywhere you go. It makes my kids feel unique and stylish. Plus, they are SUPER cute! The pastel pallets are so dreamy and perfect for our southern littles. 

Simplified Soaps

Simplified Soaps was our number one seller in my "Mom and Pop" store. And the number one seller for a very good reason. All of their products are AMAZING! These body products are made straight from the families goat farm in South Texas. Everything is organic and great for ALL skin types. My favorite it their body-wash. It leaves my skin feeling so healthy and clean without drying it out. I continuously get order requests, but for now, head on over to THEIR site. But, as always, I am here for any questions.


What mom has time to shop for themselves? Let alone try on whatever it is your are purchasing? I found Fabletics right after Jaxon was born and instantly fell in love. It took my much longer to loose my baby weight with him, and their products are awesome at tucking in all of that extra fluffy fluff. 

 Old Navy

I never really understood the hype until I had kids. Their stuff is SO CUTE and washes SO WELL! I do not have time to iron (or want to for that matter). Old Navy's products last much longer then most kids products that I have found, and their on going sales make it so easy to love them.

Matilda Jane

Before I had Ella, this is another one I didn't quite understand. But, what I love about them now is their sizes are mid sizes (ex: 6-12 months) so they last longer. AWESOME! She's cute and I don't have to run off and buy her a new wardrobe every month until she is two. Also, their women's line last forever, doesn't wrinkle, and is super cute. All wins in my book.

Roden + Fields

I've tried botox, microdermabrasion, and fillers. Roden + Fields is the only thing that has worked for me while nursing Ella. Maybe the others will work after she weans, but for now, Roden + Fields... I love you.

Pier One

They are my one stop shop for everything home. Anytime I have an idea for a room, I immediately run to them. They are like the Walmart for interior designers! They have EVERYTHING!


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