NOLA Trip June, 2015

In my everyday life, I am a wife, a mother, and a fashion buyer. It is a full and blessed life. Last weekend, I took a break from the daily for a romantic getaway. It was lovely for my husband and me to take some time for just the two of us. We escaped to one of our favorite eating and shopping meccas: New Orleans, Louisiana.
Our Friday travel didn’t begin quite as planned. Jason and I got to NOLA later than intended, due to I-10 traffic (not surprising). We checked in at the timeless Q&C Hotel and then hightailed it to Rita's Tequila House on Bourbon Street. Rita’s is the perfect spot to sit back, enjoy a yummy margarita, and to people watch. People watching is done best on Bourbon Street: There was a doll-like mime and a woman letting go of inhibitions to hang loose. Literally. Once Bourbon Street exhausted its entertainment, we headed back to the hotel and popped open a bottle of wine. We spent the rest of the evening taking in the industrial, rustic charm of the Q&C and simply enjoying our opportunity for a weekend away. 
On Saturday morning, we got up early with the plan of beignets at Cafe Du Monde followed by the award winning oysters at Acme, but the line at Acme was way too long. Instead we satisfied our oyster craving at the Corner Oyster House. Our “settling” for Corner Oyster House turned out to be fantastic! Their oysters were great and the Bloody Mary's were even better. That morning we learned to come early for the beignets, but then find your way to the Bloody Mary's.  We continued our day with a bit of shopping but were quickly sidetracked by daiquiris at Organic Banana in the French Market. I don't know if I should admit this, but they were so good that we went back for seconds. We even considered a third for the road. 


Once focus returned to shopping, we ran into a few must-haves for southern style. 
Forever New Orleans on Decatur St. was absolutely adorable. They were stocked with a lot of sweet and unique notebooks and jewelry. They even have Jason's favorite: Jack Black products. The staff was exceptionally helpful. They helped me come across a particular notebook that I’ve been trying to find for ages! There’s nothing quite like the shopping satisfaction of finding that long searched for item. Morning made!  


Jackie's Boutique was super packed, but worth the shuffle. Jackie’s carries similar items to what is in my shop. It’s trendy, southern and easy to wear. Bonus: she is right on Saint Ann St. which makes the shop easy to get to. They even had an accessory brand that I had been considering called, Gigi. Seeing it in store made holding back on Gigi practically impossible. ( Let me know what you think by commenting on Facebook)

Our last shopping trip ended with a memorable shop was called Jewels Local Art. My first impression was how sweet and accommodating the staff is. Y’all know a great sales associate makes all the difference! I would have shopped in there all day just to hang out with them.  They had beautiful handmade jewelry that I would even love to put in the store. 

After shopping all day, we were very ready for dinner at our favorite NOLA restaurant. Jacques-Imo's in uptown. 

{OMG! Stop everything and listen very carefully: if you are ever in New Orleans, you MUST got to Jacques-Imo's. It is worth it even beyond what I can say. Once you’re there, snap a selfie of your scrumptious food and your gorgeous southern style, then Instagram @ShopMiaKing. Jacques-Imo’s has the freshest, spiciest Cajun food. It’s the food your Grandma would make if she was from NOLA. To top off the yummy food, they have a generous and well-mannered staff. It’s always a treat to dine at Jacques-Imo’s, as well as a peaceful break from the commotion of Bourbon Street.} 
Before we headed back home on Sunday morning, we ventured out one more time for some French Quarter photography and some of the famous biscuits from Mother's .  Mmmm so good! All in all, we had an amazing time. It was nice to get away and be just the two of us for a bit. We would have loved to stay longer, but we had to get back to our baby boy who we missed SO MUCH. (Parenting Confession: Even though Jason and I love our alone time, we couldn’t help but to check in on our son frequently. We’re talking the-bartender-made-fun-of-us-for-incessant-scrolling-through-the-baby-pictures frequently. No worries though! We did take time to appreciate our “us” time.) 

Until October NOLA!               
Your turn to spill! Share with us on Facebook: What are your favorite hang-out and shopping spots in New Orleans? 

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