About Me

Well, let's see... The name for our company comes from these two beautiful redheaded babies. My first born, Jaxon is a very strong willed red headed, green eyed little boy (like in my ear as we speak...HA!) My second baby is Ella. She is the red-headed blue eyed love that completes out circle. 
Before my precious babies, I owned a store called Lorelane Boutique. It was a clothing and home decor store and something I had always dreamed of. I loved that store and can not wait to open it again someday. I believe that is where this blog comes in... my kids need me at home, but these creative shopaholic juices have to flow somewhere, right? 
Here on the blog, you will see daily life crazies, decor ideas, and where to shop to get the best deal. 
I can't wait to see you out here!